Have you noticed an increase in registrations when reducing the fields required to register?

We have about 10 different fields we ask for during registration and we've experimented a few times with just reducing this to 2-3, but didn't see any noticeable uptick in registrants. Our registration counts are normally in the low triple digits (think 100-250) so that may be why, but has anyone seen any significant changes when reducing registration fields?

Usually we ask first, last and email. Sometimes company name is asked for as well. When we have many more fields than this, we see a tendency for people to say "ugh, too much" and just not even bother registering at all. Simulive is good but we've used it in certain situations, e.g. Recording a webinar in one region/country and broadcasting it in another country later date. Still it's a balance, we don't want to over burden the customer/prospect but we do need to capture minimum info.

Thanks Scott, that makes perfect sense. I'm guessing our low-in-general registration numbers and high variance in registrants are a reason we don't see much significance when we make a change in the number of fields. Perhaps next year I will get some of our teams to reduce the number of fields to try it out over more popular webinars to see if we get any changes (but I doubt they will want to change :-)).

For us we try to get as much info as possible, but obviously people don't want to fill out a lot of data about themselves. So we capture to minimal amount of info needed to at least work on the lead and then do progressive profiling for when they come back. It'll ask you for the basic set of info first then when you come back it'll ask you other details.

We also don't use the actual reg. page but integrate it with our marketo form on our site for more customization freedom on the landing page:


Thanks for the input Ken. We're looking at a way to pass along the parameters from our emails to the On24 registration form right now, but our development team is stretched pretty thin. I think once I can get it to pass along the majority of the information people will be much more inclined to fill finalize the form by simply answering a quesiton or two and submitting.

I like the Marketo setup, but our CRM is a house built solution and integration is difficult at times!

The best way to increase your registrations is pre-populating your form. Pre-populating the form differs depending on what form you are using. We use our own house built Java-script form. I know Marketo forms can be pre-populated but I'm not sure if On24's reg form can be, but it's worth looking into. You can see a double digit lift if you are not doing this. In short when you do an email blast you can include their contact info in the links so that when they click the link the info follows the user to the landing page. Then the form can collect that data so that when they get to the page the form is mostly filled out.

Thanks Mike. I think On24 does have a feature called Seamless Registration which would help us pre-populate user data with our emails. I've got our development team looking into a way to do this as I think you are correct that pre-populating the entire form would make users view the form as a much less daunting task.

Our registration form is ridiculously long due to government and grant funding requirements, but we use a 3rd party registration system that allows users to store a username/password that once they register one time, they just enter their login info and they are all set for future events.

We use seamless registration. The team at ON24 will help with code if need be in the form. we use Pardot (salesforce) to capture registrants and in many cases we already know their first, last and email so the pre-population method makes is much easy for registration (not quite one click sign up) but appears less obtrusive in my opinion.

Thanks Karen, it seems like a 3rd party system or some type of integration is the way to go.

Thanks Darren. We've got our own in-house created CRM here so it can be difficult to integrate, but since we have a pretty great team of developers for in-house tools I'm assuming with On24's help it should be fairly simple to get something like this set up. Thanks for the advice!

We integrate with our marketo landing pages. We have recently updated our form to be compliant across borders, as europe and even canada have different rules for email marketing. We haven't seen a drop in reg after adding in a couple fields. We collect 7 fields with 2 opt in boxes for terms and accepting email marketing, depending on what region they select. Once somebody has filled out one form on our site, the rest are prepopulated, so our leads only need to get past that ugh moment once.

For an average event, we have 5 fields on the registration screen. To date, we have not had any compliants regarding the number of fields that the user has to complete, so in our case I wouldn't expect a great impact on the number of registrants.

Yes, reducing the amount of fields as well as not having as many mandatory fields has worked for us. Also, having the ability to auto-fill fields for regulary attendees has worked well for us. Have you tried any of these?

Because we work with existing clients and we don't currently have an automated solution for SSO, we need to collect enough data to identify who's who. That said, it's not too bad if the information is mostly freetext (the only dropdown menu we have is country). It does mean slightly reduced quality as people misspell things but mostly, that's the best way round it I find.

Definitely did! We used to collect 6 since we wanted to use all the data for follow up but had low numbers. Moving down to 4 increased our registrations by 23%

Because of the autofill feature I don't think it's that much of an issue.

Wanted to add that it does depend on your content. If you you are giving something valuable away (info) you will still get people to register.

Use video, it gives them an insight of what your webinar will be like and they feel instantly that its not going to be another boring webinar your going to make it fun and exciting just like the video.

We ask for a lot of information for a first time registrant, but then use ON24 global registration so people only need to use their email address when logging on to other events. Have seen an uptake since using global registration, but we use WCC not elite. The feature is available if you use the On24 new gateway platform. Might be worth looking into.